About myself

Tonari.no.Totoro.full.1338828Heyo ! I think it’s important to introduce myself if we are going to share a few minutes together. If you have read my first article, you know that I’m getting through some difficult moments that I will explain but for the moment I will just be very careful with the informations I’m sharing. So… Sorry but I won’t show any picture of myself, or any private information including my name (it’s not common so I’m scared that I will be recognized if someone I know is reading this.)
So ! You can call me Saru, I’m actually living in France with my family in a small town near Switzerland. I was a psychology student in another city but I missed my year because of health and psychological problems ; so I’m moving back home with my parents for the moment to continue my studies, it will be easier for me to deal with what’s going on and I will have my friends close to me. I’m only 19 so I guess it’s not a big deal yet.
I like a lot of things (which can be a problem because I can’t be passionate about something and I’m getting tired of things quickly) like video games (ps3 and PC player here). I love games like  Rayman, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy (actually playing FFXIV, let me know if you’re playing too !), TLOU and some more.
I obviously like movies, series (GoT, TWD, TGW, New Girl, HIMYM, OUAT etc), and animes (animuuu desuuu) !
Big fan of travels, trains, boats and everything which is about evasion. Btw, sorry if I make some mistakes, I’m trying to do my best anddd… I’ll stop here, and keep what’s left for later. Hope you’ll enjoy my little life 🙂


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