The Beginning

So … Here we go. I’m not really comfortable with the notion of blogging, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to talk with people who can (if they want to) stop there two minutes. I hope we will share our stories and our experiences to help ourselves get through life. I’m a young french girl who really likes sharing different cultures, so in hoping to be read and to talk to a lot of different people I will only talk in english but if you want to, we can easily communicate in other languages (french obviously and italian ! I’m about to learn japanese but I can’t speak it for the moment).
If you want to know more about myself, you can go to the part « About me » ! Sorry if I make mistakes, I’m new to this and not used to talk regularly in another language but french 🙂
So just to start with something, I’m actually dealing with depression and big anxiety so I’m hoping that it won’t bother you while you’ll read !
And to be more specific, my blog will be about a lot of stuff, drawings, sharings about my passions (video games etc !) and things that I judge important to talk about. Please if you’re not interested or if you think that you’re going to be rude for no reason, leave ! And thanks to all the people who will take the time to stay with me. 3188513821_1_10_Vs2hOaRr